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Rockhampton Happy Hounds & Secure Dog Walking Fields

Gold Level Dog Training

What you will learn at Gold Level


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Road Walk

Walk on road with dog walking on a loose lead and under control, with distractions and changes of pace.

Wait and return to handlers side

You dog must wait whilst you move 10 paces away with your back turned to him and when commanded come to your side and continue walking with you by your side.

Walk close to handler

Your dog to walk off lead close to the owner, for a distance specified by instructor with several changes of direction and pace.

Control with Food

A bowl of food is to be put down, and the dogs is to leave it until the owner commands them otherwise.

Send Away Command

Send the dog to bed.

Emergency Stop Command

The dog will be moving towards you and you must be able to stop him immediately at a distance of at least 5 paces from you.

Stay Down Command

Stay in one place in a down for 2 minutes, the owner must be 5 paces away and when instructed to will move out of sight for at least 30 seconds whilst keeping the dog in a stay.

Settle Command

Your dog should be settled whilst you tie him up and leave him for 2 minutes.

Learn a Trick

Your dog must perform another trick not previously used on other tests.


7 questions about your responsibilities as a dog owner.

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