Each week I will pick the dog and owner that I believe have achieved the most and post their pictures here. This may be because they have worked hard at all the exercises, or it may be that they have overcome one part of training that they were struggling with.

Watch this space you and your dog may be appearing here sometime soon!

Dog of the week!

You passed Gold!

Zara and Trevor...What a massive turn around with Trevor. He is such an amazing rescue dog and so lucky to have been adopted by you. He is one of the biggest successes and by far the most improved dog! I will miss both of you very much. Trevor was perfect on test day and both of you have been a joy to teach. Well done!

Izzy and Bailey....Again another massive turn around! Bailey hated to be handled after several bad grooming experiences, and he has not been the easiest dog for you to train. But now Bailey can be groomed, he is happy to be touched and fussed now, and he did everything in Gold. You worked so hard, and such a joy to have a lovely young lady so focused on her dog. I will miss you both, Well done!