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Customer Comments and reviews

PLEASE LOOK ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR OVER 100 5 STAR REVIEWS happy hounds secure enclosed dog walking fields


A truly wonderful place to take your dogs. You can relax knowing that they are in a secure environment and sit back and watch them enjoy themselves!

There is so much for them to explore and plenty of space for running like looneys!!

I have been taking my dogs here now for almost three years. It’s perfect anytime of the year too!

I cannot recommend this secure field enough!


Another glorious morning in the Orchard, such a relief knowing Bess can race around chasing a ball off the lead without the threat of her chasing a squirrel out onto the road or the inevitable small furry dog appearing for her to take an instant dislike to! It's such a peaceful place, added bonus of being under the flight path for Slimbridge, nice to see birds arriving.


We enjoy taking our three dogs to Happy Hounds Secure fields. One of our dogs is a rescue street dog who is nervous walking in public places, but she has great fun in the secure field with our other 2 dogs. I would highly recommend it as the best secure field in the area. Celine’s fields are big, have interesting things for the dogs to do and seats and coffee/tea facilities for owners.


Such a great place to take your dogs, both the field and orchard are secure so you can let them off the lead to enjoy themselves, has made all the difference to our pup, he absolutely loves it.


Absolutely beautiful and peaceful place. If you have pups that are tricky around other dogs or for any other reason are better in open space, this place is perfect. It was the 1st time in ages I have been able to let mine off the lead for an hour totally stress free. My Collie and Terrier were the happiest dogs in the world exploring the Orchard and I got to pick some delicious apples and black berries while we were there. Celine was great and explained everything to make it easy and we felt very safe and secure. Thanks so much! We can't wait to come back. X


It is such a wonderful thing to have the option of choosing between the huge new field or the smaller orchard to exercise my dogs in. it has made my life much easier, anyone with a fearful or reactive dog will understand the problems of finding somewhere quiet to walk dogs. It has enriched my dogs' lives immeasurably, the young lurcher can zoom around and the older two just potter and sniff everything, there is someone to keep them all amused. Plus, Celine is passionate about the welfare of dogs, she only wants what is best for them. I highly recommend Celine as a dog trainer and the secure fields are beautiful, check them out.


The orchard is a stunning peaceful location well equipped to keep your dogs entertained.... The new field is even more peaceful and Huge with an amazing view! And added bonus of pub that serves good food round the corner. Ray


Celine is one amazing lady. Her energy & enthusiasm for life is infectious & you can’t help but enjoy being in her company. She totally respects dogs & understands their behaviour & idiosyncrasies enabling her to communicate to us, the owner, how to get the best possible outcomes from our training. Celine’s positive training techniques ensure you never feel belittled or stupid - she always has a solution & the means to get the very best out of us humans for the benefit of our four legged friends.

Celine’s integrity shines through everything she does. Her classes are fun & engaging. I feel 100% more confident as a dog owner having been through her training classes.

She is a true professional & despite being in a great degree of pain with her recent hand (& leg) injury, has carried on her teaching with positivity & enthusiasm in equal measure.

You can’t help but love her sense of humour (albeit warped!) and can-do attitude.

She is the salt of the earth (& she didn’t pay me a penny to write any of this!)



Celine’s dog training classes have been fun, relaxed and a great way to get our puppy to become a well socialised dog with good manners as well as a opportunity to share the process with others. Loads of encouragement and the dogs do really well there.

We’ve progressed to training outdoors in her field and this is a great way to test your dog in the real world with other dogs around and lots of distracting smells.

Swimming with the dogs in the Severn on a really hot day was a highlight for our group.

Good fun, thanks Celine and sorry about my clumsy dog knocking you over!!

Looking forward to some walks together in the future.

Jill and Ruby


Absolutely fantastic!!

Celine is amazing in every way. She has masses of knowledge as well as years of experience. Im constantly recommending her to all new and long term dog owners.

From puppies to rescues. Behaviour issues to basic obedience training.

I would recommend happy hounds 100%.



Celine runs such fun and friendly classes. We took along our Clumber Spaniel Betty who has the most laid back attitude, my daughter Sophie who is 9 did all the training and passed every stage. Thank you so much Celine for you dedication and help. Highly recommend your classes for anyone with puppies or older dogs. Everyone made to feel welcome and time given to help the challenging dogs! Massive thank you we will miss our Wednesday evenings out xx Vicky


Excellent classes. Amazed at what our two black labs can now do. Thank you Celine!!! Anna


I signed up for Celines course with slight trepidation, remembering my sisters experience of a different trainer in Bristol. She was asked to leave and not return after laughing when her husband mopped the floor with their spaniel pup. However, my first sense of Celines training course was that she enjoyed teaching it, reinforcing that it should be fun for owner and dog. It was clear from the start that what we learnt should be of benefit to the owner as well as the dog. The fact that the course was carried out with great good humour made our failures less of a disaster and our successes all the more meaningful. The courses were linked logically, each stage building upon the last, thus developing and reinforcing each aspect of the dogs {and the owners} experience. It was clear that the dogs enjoyed the courses and the depth of understanding of each particular dog was developed at each stage.Celine could demonstrate all aspects of the training with almost any dog, which underlined her knowledge and expertise. If something wasn't working well, she would have an alternative. The course also covered the more theoretical aspects of dog ownership such as basic dog behaviour and the law as it applies to dogs. In short, Celines training was professional, effective and enjoyable. Thank you for the great sessions.

Jo & Theo


We visited the secure field this afternoon. What an amazing place. Beautiful scenery and so peaceful. Celine was great and has big plans for the field which we can't wait to see. Would definitely recommend a visit especially if you have a reactive or anxious dog that cant come off lead. Can't wait to go back. Jo


I used the Happy Hounds Field for my Labrador’s litters first Birthday party. Lovely quiet location, huge field for all the dogs to run around, lots of places for us humans to sit. It was great to know all the dogs were safe mooching around while we all chatted. Just lovely � thanks Celine



I attended my puppies first birthday party at the field. Was lovely to see them all bounding through the wild flowers/grasses. No mess anywhere great picnic table right in the middle for everyone to congregate round. Hours of fun in a lovely picturesque and safe setting. Highly recommend ..Helen


I have been using the Orchard for just over a year and have now been to the new secure field. Both are amazing and you can exercise your dogs in a very relaxed and peaceful environment - no worries about large dogs running up to other people or them escaping to other fields or onto roads. Can’t recommend this enough. Pamela


Chakotay and Nala had an amazing time in Celine's field, definitely go again, Christine and Warren


Iv been using this field for a while now for my basenji boys, they are horrid at recall and chase anything with fur so enclosed fields is perfect for them to fun around and be free!

They love it, Joanne


Have been using the orchards for the past couple of years and what a wonderful place to exercise your dogs! Lovely countryside, far from the madding crowd! John


Having a fast saluki cross whippet we have been nervous about letting Milly run free and we have found Celine's field ideal. Today she enjoyed running around in the cut area then we went along paths cut through the long grass. Every so often because she lost sight of us she came back to find me, very encouraging. I only had to call and whistle a couple of times when she lost me. After 50 minutes I was calling and calling and found she had gone back to Nick and was in the car totally worn out. Diane


Fantastic place to visit and a very warm welcome and professionally run. Bird song was amazing, fab facilities and totally secure. Will return for sure. Sue


Beautiful location. Great space for our dogs to run full pelt or just mooch around smelling the flowers. They especially love the little pond. Seats and tables for the humans.


Celine's new secure dog walking field is an absolute MUST to visit! Pups had a fab time and it is so peaceful � stunning views too! Heaven! Can't wait to go back! Thanks Celine ��


Our energetic and ...wilful pup has has had a great time developing his social skills at Celine's class, and left with so many tricks that have and will continue to be of use to us. Invaluable experience!


Finding safe space to exercise our dogs ‘off-lead’ – especially those with ‘uncertain pasts’, who lack any initial training - is a problem. Having greyhounds and lurchers, for me and some of my dogs, finding Celine’s Orchard, was life-changing. Most especially for two boys, who had previously spent over seven years together in total social isolation in a rural kennel, and who found the big wide world all too difficult. At the Orchard, they could run and play with my older dogs, yet jump back into the car for five minutes, if noise from farm traffic or passing walkers was alarming. They gradually gained confidence and it completely changed their lives.

I can’t exactly define what makes it a special place. One can drive in, lock the gate, let the dogs run, work through some exercises, or just sit and watch them investigate in their own way. The advantages are obvious and the quiet, timeless atmosphere of the space has been sensitively enhanced by Celine’s management and her unobtrusive dedication to making sure that standards are maintained by clients. But it is more than just a beautiful, peaceful old orchard; it has an aura which enables you and your dogs – some of whom may have had a traumatic past - to re-energise.

Whether you need a safe space for them to run and play, or to use the interesting, natural facilities for some individual agility training – or simply an hour away from an ‘increasingly mad world’ to redress the balance of your mind and soul, as well as theirs - then a session at the Orchard is the best place to start.



The Orchard is fantastic! It means my no recall terrier and reactive GSD get a stress free off lead run. They get excited the minute we’re turn into the lane and they know where they’re going! Great facility, highly recommend it xx


Working for a small animal charity this means our gorgeous rehomers get a new environment to roam and run off lead in. They absolutely LOVE the orchard and we feel absolutely privileged here at Teckels Animal Sanctuaries that we have this amazing space to take our fur babies ��


Ted and I thought we’d only do our bronze and ended up staying up to gold! Celine is so knowledgeable and it’s such good fun. You meet lots of other lovely owners and dogs and it really helps you become a better dog owner and build a stronger relationship with your pet. Highly recommended.


Thank you Celine for getting us to gold! When I first read what we would achieve over the three courses, I really didn’t expect to get there, but your kind methods of teaching made it fun and Jackson has loved learning.Scotties are known to be stubborn and hard to train but having seen you work with lots of different breeds, I don’t think there is a dog that you couldn’t train. Everything that you have taught us is going to be invaluable in everyday life and make our dog/human relationship even better as Jackson understands what I am asking of him. Thank you again, Sarah and Jackson xx


Dexter has thoroughly enjoyed his dog training as have I! Celine is a great teacher and i have learnt lots of new things that I can continue to teach dexter. The secure orchard is a fantastic place to help with your recall training, I am sad that we completed the gold training......saturday mornings will never be the same! Looking forward to some doggy days and reunions, have met some lovely people in our class and great dogs! Natasha and Dexter


We recently used the secure field a few times for our two dogs (one fear reactive and one with zero recall) whilst on holiday in the area. It was absolutely fantastic and the dogs (and us!) loved it. We've used a few different secure fields before - they are often flat, square and (honestly) a little bit boring. The Orchard at Rockhampton however was super interesting and we had no issues filling every minute of our hour there. Trees, hedges, long grass, short grass, hay bails, ups and downs - all meant our dogs were massively stimulated and exhausted by the end. We'll be coming back for sure. Thanks Celine!


So, after 30 weeks of training we have just passed our Gold (10 weeks for each of Bronze, Silver then finally Gold), Savvy listens to me and mostly does things right, and we have been given superb training tools to use going forwards. Huge huge thanks to Celine Jacobs, superb trainer and superb classes, cannot recommend ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING enough. Absolute joy to see Savvy (and the rest of the class) pass gold!

Sam and Savvy


We’ve had such a wonderful time from bronze all the way through to gold. Celine’s love and enthusiasm shine through and make training fun and so achievable. If you’re looking for dog training look no further. Absolutely brilliant.

Claire. Jake and Willow


We recently used the secure field a few times for our two dogs (one fear reactive and one with zero recall) whilst on holiday in the area. It was absolutely fantastic and the dogs (and us!) loved it. We've used a few different secure fields before - they are often flat, square and (honestly) a little bit boring. The Orchard at Rockhampton however was super interesting and we had no issues filling every minute of our hour there. Trees, hedges, long grass, short grass, hay bails, ups and downs - all meant our dogs were massively stimulated and exhausted by the end. We'll be coming back for sure. Thanks Celine!


Celine is an excellent teacher. She sees when something isn't working with your dog and comes up with a different approach that works. We were complete dog novices so we needed all the help we could get with Noah and he has now completed Bronze, Silver and Gold. We wouldn't have known where to start without Celine

Nicky Waring


I have gone from bronze to gold with Celine and it has been nothing but rewarding! Having one of the more stubborn breeds of dog it was at times a bit of a challenge, but Celine always had the answers! Will definitely miss the classes and Celine, but proud to say I have the first Shar Pei to have passed all three awards! THANKS CELINE!!


Angela Cherrington reviewed ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING – 5 star · ·

Training with Celine is brilliant. Great fun for owners and dogs. I have trained 4 dogs with Celine, at Rockhampton and Putloe Court. Highly recommended.


Dominika Reeves-Andrews reviewed ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING – 5 star · ·

I have really enjoyed the classes with Celine. I was a little bit worried when I first started that I would find it overwhelming but I was made to feel very welcome. The classes have been brilliant, I have learnt so much. I would highly recommend.


Sarah Tunnicliffe reviewed ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING – 5 star · ·

puppy classes near gloucesterI started to attend Céline's classes with my young Spanish Podenco.

I have had experience with sighthounds and a retriever, but a rescued pod was completely different.I found Céline to be welcoming, friendly, fun but most importantly knowledgeable, particularly understanding of what different breeds were originally bred for. Therefore, tailoring the training around their differing needs. The classes are small too. An added bonus is being able to use Céline's orchard which provides a safe haven for dogs that would not otherwise be able to be let off the lead.

Highly recommended.



Our pooch Elsie came to be part of our family in September 2016, an unruly/fun loving Springer Spaniel! Celine's classes were great in guiding us through our bronze, silver and gold, which we never thought we would achieve- our fellow class mates were lovely and supportive too!

Thanks Celine - we will miss our Wed visits �


Peter Watson reviewed ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING – 5 star · ·

We are taking Nutmeg, our second working cocker, back to Celine after taking Tesla through bronze, silver and gold a few years ago. We went back to formal training because the weekly sessions focuses us on doing the practise regularly and in a structured way. We went back to Celine because: She is a people person who knows dog training. (So I am being trained just as much as the puppy)

Everything is explained and I have never been left feeling stupid or confused.

There is a ...plan.

Lots of positive reinforcement. (For me and the puppy)

It's a small class and I am enjoying being part of it. (Nutmeg has just passed her Silver class)

We are starting Gold next week


Lynda Belbin reviewed ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING – 5 star · ·

Celine is a great teacher she is very patient and has a lovely positive attitude. The classes are small so that you get time to do all the exercises .Willow and I have just passed the Silver award , some of the exercises are quite a challenge but Willow loves meeting up with her doggie friends and we all have a laugh! Looking forward to starting Gold !


Vicky Reeves reviewed ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING – 5 star · ·

Lola and I have enjoyed training with you...we are going to be lost on a Wednesday from now on! Lola's behaviour has improved so much and she no longer drags me around, thank you so much...i will always recommend you to all my friends and hopefully we'll see you again x


Celine is a fantastic lady, who really knows her stuff .... very happy to be back with her training our two new puppies, Doris and Oreo at Rockhampton :D x Amie KIng

27/3/17 Celine is a fantastic training. Arlo and I thoroughly enjoy the classes, and will very much miss the class of lovely people and fab dogs now we have finished silver. We will definitely be back for gold later in the year. Thx Celine, Arlo especially will miss you xx Gemma


Jake & I have absolutely loved training with you Celine you make every session so much fun & we have both learnt so much from you.

You're such a lovely lady & I would highly recommend you. Thanks for everything X Lucy Elliot


Fantastic training have loved every minute Celine u are the best, passionate, dedicated and the dogs love you

Beccy Lloyd


Stanley loves it, he actually gets excited whilst driving to class, tail wagging, barking & jumping about eager to start learning. Celine is a great trainer, makes you & our four legged friends feel at ease, good at instructing and remembering to have fun. Stanley is a better dog for her classes and I'm so glad we've found her, I couldn't recommend her highly enough...thank you Celine

Rachael Witheridge Fowler


Rocky loves his class buddies and going every week, I do all the hard work! But also greatly enjoy. Many thanks Celine!

Maria van Beek


Celine is a great trainer. Firm but patient and loving. My little dog Buddy has just got his bronze certificate and l am chuffed .

Stella Swanston


Brilliant. Highly recommended. Mini just past Gold test. I shall be lost on a weds evening now. So much fun and so much learned. Well done Celine.

Liz & Mini


Excellent class, with great support and Patience :D thank you Celine.

Adrienne King


Billy has just passed his Bronze award and enjoying his complementary treat!! Gill and Tony would like to say a big thank you to Celine for such excellent classes and motivation to help achieve all this. Highly recommended.


Celine is a great trainer and runs lovely, small group, relaxed classes. Me and my dog learnt so much! Highly recommended......Nicola West


Rockhampton happy hounds dog training is A+. I have put both my dogs through bronze, silver and gold. Celine is a genuine kind person, and a brilliant dog trainer, she has plenty of time to show you what or where you are gong wrong. I like it as its is not regimental and it is fun. And even my young lad put one of my dogs through the training. I have recommended her to my friends and to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer,

Rob Howse


"Rockhampton happy hounds, fantastic training. We have really loved learning how to train our Cockerpoo. From lead walking to jumping through a hoop, from sitting to rolling over. We've had such fun, learning how dog breeds developed, what their best skills are and sharing the successes with others in the class. I can honestly say dog training with Celine has been relaxed and simply superb." Rosie & Ellie Clark

6/7/15 Hi Celine,

Billy ( the Dude ) my rescue Jack Russell x Springer Spaniel was seven months old when I agreed to foster him with a view to permanent adoption. He has been the most difficult dog I have ever owned. The first six months of our 'relationship' he would not look at or listen to me. I have had dogs all my life and believed I knew pretty well all there was to know about what made a dog tick. In a very short period of time I thought I had made one very bad error of judgement taking Billy on, but despite his totally feral behaviour on and off lead he was a cracking little nutcase. Taking him to classes was our last chance as I didn't want, potentially, 15 years of dog misery.

Billy has now completed Bronze, Silver and Gold courses. On his Gold Course examination he was embarrassingly good! I still need to out think him, he's J.R. x Springer at the end of the day! What a difference to the first few months of ownership. He's my best mate.

I would whole heartedly recommend taking your problem dog or dog in need of training/socialisation with other dogs and people to Celine at Rockhampton Happy Hounds. You may feel embarrased and nervous the first couple of sessions, you will not be the only one on the class with the same 'hang up'. If you start to get uptight with your dog, the dog will pick up on your angst and start to get uptight with you! Been there, done that! My very best advice is... take a Chill Pill and go with the flow, the pair of you will reap the rewards.

I have booked and used the orchard on several occassions and it has been a godsend especially as I could not trust Billy off the lead and for several weeks I was post surgical operation convalescing. In the orchard,which is well fenced, Billy could run his little Queen Anne legs off safely and give me a chance to relax and watch him enjoying being a proper little dog. I can pretty well trust Billy off lead now but will still book the orchard as it is a really relaxing place to spend an hour, just you, your best mate and nature.

Very Best Wishes Celine, what a little beauty that Flea is, I'm envious, can you imagine Billy and Flea together, the total carnage! xx

p.s. when are you going to start/invent a Veterans Reunion course and a Dog's First Aid Course?

August 2015

Thank you letter from Teckels

Dear Celine

A heartfelt thank you so very much for donating £41.35 to Teckels Animal Sanctuaries. We are a small charity with modest means and absolutely thrilled to have your support, it means a lot to us.

We couldn’t manage without the fantastic support we get from volunteers and supporters- thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,

Abigail Brooks-Daw

Trustee, Teckels Animal Sanctuaries 


Dear Ms Jacobs

Thank you for helping us continue our valuable work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and abandoned greyhounds and lurchers. We were delighted to receive your kind gift of £41.35 to Greyhound Rescue West of England which you raised from your doggie day. We continue to work to our limit, stretching every pound and penny to make sure we are able to reach and help as many greyhounds and lurchers as we can. Our thanks once again

Best wishes

Jo Pawley GRWE



Dear celine

We didn't think we would ever see this day. If it wasn't for your dedicated help, belief and knowledge, Mandy would of been in a dogs home. Instead we have a lovely, almost obedient, feisty dog!! But we know what to do now, all thanks to you.

Even though it is very stressful at home with the other 2 dogs. Mandy is a delight and i will never be able to express my gratitude to you, to have lost mandy would of broke our hearts. Your wonderful, thank you

Love vanessa, imogen and mandy xxx


Our new rescue dog desperately needed space to run around off the lead and we needed to know that he couldn't run away, get injured, lost or be a nuisance to other people while we got to know him better. What we needed was an orchard of about three acres with fencing all around it and a very nice owner who understands just what rescue dogs and their new owners need, When we found Vimpney Orchard in the beautiful village

of Arlingham, we hit the jackpot! Our dog, Barney, loves it and so do we. We have visited the orchard on a number of occasions and now have a fixed booking for a Saturday morning. Celine has been very welcoming and really helpful. This is a perfect place for peace and quiet, as well as peace of mind. And there's a great dog-friendly pub in the village too! What more could you want?! Thank you, Celine for supporting us with the new man in our lives!

Judith Case and Graeme Cook


Hi Celine

Just to say how grateful me and my doggies are to have found the Orchard..... We are surrounded by countryside where we live, and do a fair bit of walking with them as we only have a small courtyard (when they are not sofa loafing!) .....BUT... it is a joy to watch them free and easy in your lovely orchard....they sniff, chew,dig, run and play (with the various toys we take and the ones you leave there for there).... every week you 're adding nice touches...The dogs are safe in the field, and even on the wet windy cold days its a wonderful place... so peaceful and relaxing for us and our boys. They are not the best at recall yet, but going to the orchard gives us chance to practice...... and they love to run and just saunter around ... A Fantastic safe haven to have fun in! Its so good for me too!

Thanks again



I am gratefull for the day that I was introduced to Celine and her orchard in Arlingham. I have 4 active lurchers that I show and race, and the fields I Exercised in had become so popular that it had become almost impossible to run them .Consequently the run over to Celines became a lifeline for me and the dogs.Once again I was free to work on the dogs running /racing fitness. The field is an orchard of about 3 acres that is ridge and furrow complete with a small pond that the dogs gone paddle happily in. The package lends itself well to helping the dogs to improve their balance as well as fitness,which is great as,for fun, the older 3 also do a bit of agility.To complete the package is a picknic bench,shed and kettle so you can relax with a brew,all at a VERY competitive price. A real haven of safety as the field is public proofed and is available only by appointment.



Hi, My first mission on wanting to add a dog to our family was to find a trainer who I could relate to. I wanted to enjoy their company, feel confident in the advice given and understand how the training would progress. Finding Celine’s website, reading about her experiences and aims of canine welfare, I was impressed. I contacted and chatted to her, and she invited me on one of her dog walks and a training class, even before we had acquired our dog. This assured me that Celine was the dog trainer for our family addition. We brought Nala home over a year ago, a frightened 3year old rescue dog. She had never lived in a human home before and was not house trained and frightened of the world. The first few weeks were tough and even Celine admitted she was a broken dog. With time, patience and encouragement from Celine and lots of advice Nala has become our family pet. We passed the Gold Obedience test last month and it is hard to imagine that the first few weeks of training sessions Nala just wanted to hide under the table. Now she loves attending the training sessions and says hello wagging her little stumpy tail at Celine and wants to be friends with the other dogs and to my surprise their owners. Bringing any dog in to your home is an experience which should result in both dog and human enjoying the result. Understanding dog behaviour and the reasons why has helped me adopt dog friendly behaviours which has enabled Nala to fit in. Many thanks Celine for showing Nala and I the way.


Dear Celine

Walter and I truly miss your classes on a Wednesday evening. We are both very glad that we found you. We were so fortunate to have had such a wonderfully patient and helpful trainer, who shows so much love, pride and energy in the work that they do. It was an absolute privilege to have been your students.

We have an obedient, gentle, well natured and loving member of our family in Walter. Most importantly he is such a happy dog! I cannot articulate into words how thankful we are.

I would recommend you to anyone who is serious about training their dog in a safe, fun and caring environment. Whether you have a new puppy with boundless energy, or an older rescue dog. The differences that I have observed in my own dog, and of others from many different walks of life, from when we started out in Bronze class to when we completed Gold has been astonishing. It truly has. I would have continued my learning by attending the agility classes, but unfortunately this was not possible due to other commitments. I will however, be sure to make it to the variety of doggie days that you organise, as Walter and I find them a lovely social and fun experience!

Lots and lots of love, Adam and Walter


Just writing to let you know how much Zac and I miss your classes, we learnt so much from you, you made it easy and fun.....just wish you would start some more classes beyond the Gold so we can keep coming. Will be bringing my pup Dora to you as soon as she is allowed. Love Keren and Zac. XX P.S Zac and I are very keen to try agility.


Dear Celine

Martha and I could not let our training finish without sending a sincere thank you for what we achieved and more importantly the experience. Having owned several greyhounds in the past and knowing their attitude to training (other than to win races) I thought it was wildly optimistic to try to get her to Bronze standard. How wrong I was! Thanks to your positive, patient, and supportive approach Martha achieved her Bronze award after only a few weeks training. I realised that more was possible, and with some trepidation went on to the Silver, again I need not have worried; with your considerable encouragement and guidance she did it. She, and you were not finished; she went on to get the Gold at the first attempt. Bronze, Silver and Gold in the minimum time; you really can perform miracles! The Awards is the bonus, the main memory for us is the immense pleasure and enjoyment we both derived from the whole experience. Our only regret passing the Gold in such a short time is training is over...perhaps we will come back for some agility work. Martha would like to apologise for her over exuberant treatment of the squeaky toys you provided, but it was all so exciting!

Love from Virginia and Martha


Hi Celine,

Never thought for one minute when we brought Storm to you for help with his socialization skills that one day in less than a year he would achieve his gold award!

We can't call him the ASBO hound any more!!

Thank you so much - you are such a nice person and an amazing dog trainer and make the lessons such good fun for both dogs and owners.

We will really miss the lessons now but are looking forward to more fun trying the agility classes. xxx

Margeret and Storm


Samantha Werrett Awww amazing!! Thank u celine! Katherine loves ur training classes and it gives her the encouragement to keep going at it and enjoying it xxx


Celine the dog walker and my dogs opinion

I am told by my two dippy lurcher type hounds that Celine is an excellent dog walker except she will insist on talking to them when all they want to do is go and chase miscellaneous wild life, but after months of walks they tell me they've finally learnt to ignore her chatter.They stand, tails wagging happily, at the window every morning waiting for her to arrive at which point they go mad as they obviously love her dearly (I think this is mutual) and always go bounding off full of the joys, until the return. Now that is different

Two very muddy, but as I live in the country that’s only fair, tired and content dogs appear on the doorstep having run their little feet off and now ready to settle down for some serious sleep. What more could they, and I, ask for.

Thanks Celine

Paul, Louis and Friday


Thank you for putting on the best Christmas Party Celine, we had a great time, Sid was chuffed his Christmas Fairy outfit won him a lovely squeaky Santa. Merry Christmas everyone from Sid and his friends xxx


Enjoyed my first ever puppy class, even better that I passed the puppy test! Just had my feet washed in hibiscrub because they were all red, Mum says it's because I am Lergic, so why does she keep calling me Sid anyway, can't wait to make more friends at the Christmas party next week, now do I go as an angel, or shall we try another look ?


We would like to thank you for getting us through our bronze award. When we adopted our dogs six months ago, we never thought it possible that they would come when called or stay when told let alone leave food when put between their paws! Thank you for your patience - no one else we spoke to was willing to take on two rescue dogs with the same owners at the same training session let alone let a nine year old take responsibility for training one of the dogs. He is so proud to have taken the bronze test with his dog. The mutual respect and trust that has developed between our son and the dogs is fantastic to see. Long may it continue as we go through silver, gold and agility with you!

Helen, Andy and Peter (9)


I cannot recommend a better dog trainer more than Celine. She is a fantastic teacher who will give you lots of help and advice. The classes are great and they are good fun for dogs and owners. We have seen a remarkable difference in our own dog's behaviour and we feel far more confident with her now. With Celines help we managed to pass all classes first try. We continue to go along on group walks and attend her agility classes too.


Well who ever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Well done Sooni for passing you Gold at the tender age of 8 and a half! xx Love that mutt! Thank you to Celine Jacobs and ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING. Couldn't have done it without you! — feeling awesome.

I can't recommend Rockhampton Happy Hounds enough - Celine is brilliant x


We just wanted to say thank you so much for all the months of dog training that we did with you! As you know, my daughter Grace and I came to you with our 'little' lab Ruby from when she was around 12 weeks old. Over the course of around 10 months we progressed through the puppy, bronze, silver and gold award and discovered what a clever dog Ruby is!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to an amazing dog trainer!