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Rockhampton Happy Hounds & Secure Dog Walking Fields

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We offer three types of classes: Weekly, Half Day and One to One. Please read on and select the class type below for more information.

Dog Training Gallery

Our Weekly Classes

This is by far our most popular training option!

Our weekly training classes are held at Larches Farm, Tytherington, South Gloucestershire.

We have organised our training into three skill levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold; each one is progressively more advanced. Click the buttons below to find out what you will learn in each level (opens in a new tab/window).

Each level consists of 10 weekly classes of 45 minutes and costs £95 for the level. There are a maximum of 6 dogs in any class and all the dogs start a class at the same time so you can train with dogs at the same skill level as yours. When you finish a level, you can stay with your class and move onto the next level if you want to continue.

We have a number of classes on different days running independently of each other. When you start, you pick a day and time slot and keep to that until you finish the training. When a Gold Level course finishes, we start a new Bronze level class in that time slot so we have multiple opportunities for new dogs to join up.

Bronze Level

Silver Level

Gold Level

If you would like to sign up for a class, select the option below to Book Weekly Dog Training and you can check out the next available classes and register your interest by completing the form there. Thank you.

Book Weekly Dog Training

Our Half Day Classes

We do not have any plans to run one of these courses at the moment.

Check back regularly or let us know if you would be interested in taking part in one.

Book Half Day Dog Training

Our One to One Classes

Since we are so busy, we are limiting this option to current and previous class members.

Book One to One Dog Training