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Rockhampton Happy Hounds & Secure Dog Walking Fields

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Step 2 - How many dogs to be walked?


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New Client Meeting

As a new client to one of our fields, we will meet you the first time you book either field with us. Both fields are set up the same way so once you have met us in one field, you are free to book either field normally thereafter. We will show you around the field and show you where to park, how to use the security measures and the facilities. You will need to satisfy yourself that the field is secure enough for your dog(s). We will need to see an up-to-date vaccination card or titre test for your dog(s) at this meeting. If you have an old or ill dog that cannot be vaccinated regularly, please complete the Secure Fields Contact Form to discuss the options.

How many dogs do you want to walk?

You can use this page to book our field for up to 5 dogsIf you want to bring more than 5 dogs or want to share your booking with someone else, please complete the Secure Fields Contact Form. Please select the number of dogs you want to bring to the field.

I want to walk 1-3 dogs

I want to walk 4 dogs

I want to walk 5 dogs